Architects of Play® encase products, services and businesses in play.

We create projects that delight, engage and stay in people’s memory for a long time, supporting yours and your company’s goals.

Some of the best known companies in Poland and the world use the services of Architects of Play® to reach new customer groups, build an attractive brand image and develop a sustainable business.

Nowadays, it is increasingly difficult for companies to stand out and find new customers for their goods and services, combining that with good social and environmental reception. The great challenge is to create actions around the brand that will naturally engage both consumers and employees. We propose to achieve that through play.


Architecture of Play® is an innovative way of showcasing the attributes of a product, service, brand or company. We believe that in order to reach new, unconventional audiences and reinforce your existing relationships with customers, you can invite them for an adventurous journey together. As they go on a journey with a brand, users become contributors to the brand’s world. Adventures created by Architects of Play® will evoke enthusiasm, delight, surprise and commitment in your customers. In addition, Architecture of Play® helps you work out friendly relationships between people and your brand and between the brand and the world.

Play will be to the 21 st century what work was to the last 300 years of industrial society – our dominant way of knowing, doing and creating value.

Pat Kane 


Synergy of the world of children and grown-ups. We come up with initiatives where your customers, your employees and your brand (product, service or company) take part in a playful creative process. In this way, we reach new audiences, including children. Our projects bring together the worlds of children and grown-ups using the universal language of play. 

Field games. We invent unusual field games that involve interaction between customers (children and adults) and the staff. This is a method of exploring your product, service, brand or company through creativity and play.

Storytelling. We see tremendous potential in telling stories. The brand of your product, service or company, innovatively placed in a scenario of adventures to be experienced by the consumer, will be the carrier of values and ideas conveyed by a specific story.

Emotions. By experiencing a product or service, people naturally embrace the world of the brand, become engaged and start identifying with it. We appreciate the value of the relationship between a person and a brand and the potential transformation that can occur as they grow up, develop and mature together. This creates an atmosphere of adventure and warmth, and generates positive memories.

Training events for companies. We create new roles and situations in which a company’s employees can find themselves. We entwine serious knowledge into light, fun projects.


Engagement Marketing - a strategy we use that directly engages consumers, inviting andencouraging them to participate in the world of a brand. Instead of looking at consumers as passive recipients of messages, we believe that consumers can be actively involved and participate in the world of a brand. Events that combine play with the ability to independently test a product have exceptionally good reception. In a study by Jack Morton Worldwide, 84% of women said they would be happy to bring their family and friends to such an event, and 75% said theywould tell others about it. In addition, 11 out of 14 consumers said they preferred to learn about new products through personal experience or by hearing from friends. Projects by Architects ofPlay® combine expertise in Engagement Marketing with many years of experience in running classes for children and parents.

Corporate Social Responsibility - a concept that assumes that companies can look after their business environment and market more than what is required by law. Projects by Architects of Play® meet the standards of Corporate Social Responsibility: they enrich and develop local communities, take part in shaping the world of children and grown-ups and create an environmentfull of smile and play.


detailed and genuine insight into the world of the brand, understanding the needs and expectations

inventing a project and the means of its execution

training for the staff

post-event materials (photos and videos)

project summary

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